What we can expect from 20th June Facebook event?

We expect more from something that is special to us. The same thing we do in the case of Facebook. The social networking giant also provides new features in right time. Today just we heard about the new event planned by Facebook on 20th June. So what we can expect from 20th June Facebook event?

20th June Facebook eventThe graph search, new news feed, Facebook Home finally the hasghtag all these FB features are turns the users to experience of new level social networking. Even an average FB user is very much confident about the thing that each Facebook event will brings new innovative tools to discover more social things. The same thing that is exactly going to be happens on 20th June event by Facebook.

20th June Facebook event

We hits with the hashtag feature in Facebook just a few days ago. This feature helps us to finds the posts on a large discussion and can be add contents to those discussions with an indication. In such a way people can discover what others have said on the same topic they searched for. Upon the releasing time of hashtag for Facebook they give a clear indication about new feature will be introduce in coming weeks.

“Hashtags are the first step to help the people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations. We will continue to roll out more features in coming weeks and months, including trending hangtags and deeper insights that help people discover more of world conversations” Facebook said through it’s official news site.

So it is clear that Facebook is going to introduce something that like hashtag on 20th event. By analyzing we can understand that by graph search, new news feed or b Facebook home the developers try to help the people to find out the things easily. We will get a definite idea on a particular topic when we take an account for other opinion on the same one. It is things to Facebook will unveils such a features that helps the users to find out more from world conversation.