2013 Veterans Day Google Doodle

A doodle for Veterans  Day 2013 published on Google US homepage on November 11. In United States, this day for remembering all veterans, that is people served in US Army forces have great importance.

2013 Veterans Day Google Doodle
2013 Veterans Day Google Doodle(November 11, 2013)

In Google Doodle for Veterans Day, you can see US flag and people attending veterans day official function. Google logo color is also changed in  doodle to US flag color. Clicking on doodle, list of links in search page for Veterans Day will be listed.

Google Doodle have been always a part of major occasion around the globe, also, there were many criticisms for selecting and omitting some special day in their doodle list. Google logo change on special days named Google Doodles have always been special.

Veterans Day of US coincide with other special days like Armistice Day and Remembrance Day in many occasions. The end of first world war is commemorated on this day in many countries. It was on 11th day 11th hour of 11 month  World War I proclaimed to be ended in 1918.

It’s in 1919, President of US Woodrow Wilson declared November 11 to be observed as Armistice Day. Programs for Veterans Day is special in every place over United States on the day. People serving in US military forces are given special honors on the day. Many restaurants arrange special parties for Veterans on the day.

Google Doodle also honors Veterans on this day in United States.