2013 Latvia Independence Day celebrates Google Doodle featuring Kokle

Google Latvia marks Independence Day of nation with a special doodle on November 18th. It’s from German and Russian occupation Latvia gained Independence.


2013 Latvia Independence Day celebrates Google Doodle
2013 Latvia Independence Day celebrates Google Doodle(November 18,2013)

Google Doodle for Latvian Independence Day 2013 includes a traditional musical theme as the base theme. Kokle is the musical instrument seen in doodle. Google logo alphabets are also included in the doodle as a part of Kokle. To include the symbolism of Independence , color given to the doodle is Latvian flag color. You can see Carmine red color cover major portion of doodle, including logo with white color stripes.

Kokle, the instrument you can see in the doodle is a string instrument. Player of the instrument play it by sitting adjusting strings with right and left hand to produce music. As per studies, Kolkle playing originated in 15th century itself. It’s one of the most traditional instrument in Latvia and is a part of Latvian culture. In 1991 Latvian Government included the picture of this instrument in their postage stamp.

Latvia Independence Day

It’s in 1918 after end of First World War, Latvia was proclaimed to be an Independent Nation on November 18. Proclamation of Republic of Latvia on the day marks the celebration of Latvia National Day. The act of proclamation of Independence of Latvia took place at National Theatre in Rīga.

Latvia also celebrates their National Day in grand way. Most important event awaited by people on the day is the address by President of Latvia. In most case, event will take in witness of large crowd in the Freedom monument at Rīga.

In native language, Latvia Independence Day is known as Latvijas Republikas proklamēšanas diena. In the year 2013, its 95th Independence Day Latvia celebrated.This  Google Doodle also wished Latvian Happy Independence Day.