2004 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love and affection dedicated for lovers. On this beautiful and romantic occasion Google also participate in the celebration by dedicating a 2004 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle.

2004 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle
2004 Valentine’s Day Google Doodle (February 13, 2004)

On this lovable day, lovers celebrate it by sending special gifts, going for dating and attending church services. Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world especially in western countries but not as like a usual holiday. At its starting age of celebration, it’s celebrated in the name of St. Valentine Day.

Saint Valentine was imprisoned for his attempt to perform the wedding of soldiers who were refused to do it. At that time in the prison he healed the daughter of his jailer. After that as a farewell note he wrote as “from your Valentine”. After this important incident the day become feast day for Anglican Communion and as well as Lutheran Church.

Now let’s have a look at the Google doodle released on Valentine’s Day. At first glance itself the feeling of love is pictured in the Google logo. It is a lovely doodle that reflect the affection between two lovers. The valentine doodle clearly conveys the meaning straightforward as it always does.

The Heart of the Milky Way, for Valentine's Day
The Heart of the Milky Way, for Valentine’s Day [Image Credit : ESO/J. Girard]
Until the 15th century it is only celebrated to commemorate the Christian saints named Valentinus. He is connected with love and romance and his feast day itself is dedicated for lovers and now a days celebrated across the world.

In modern day of celebration the exchanging of greeting is through digital world, through internet and mobile phones. Lovers also exchange red roses as red roses are considered as the best symbol for conveying the love to someone special.