2004 US Elections Google Doodle on 1 November

2004 US Elections was the 55th quadrennial presidential election which was held on 2004 on Tuesday was not that much controversial as in the 2000 Elections. As similar to 2000 US Elections, controversies and mismatches are occurred during the 2004 US Elections.

2004 US Elections Google Doodle
2004 US Elections (November 1, 2004)

As a part of 2004 US Elections Google released a special doodle on November 1, a day before the election. It was a simple doodle with only a single change in the Google’s natural logo. There is a square check box instead of second ‘o’ in 2004 US Elections Google Doodle. Through election there will be only one candidate can be selected by a single voter. So check box is given to represent this.

The dominant and main theme which rose throughout the election campaign was the foreign policy. It was the time when George Bush was initiated the war against Iraq as a part of removing the terrorism. When compare to the previous election in 2000 only 3 states changed their alliance in 2004 election. The states are New Mexico, Iowa and Hampshire which changed their voting history as compare to previous one.

George Bush was the candidate of Republican Party and his opposition was John Kerry who was the candidate of Democratic Party. In 2000 US Elections New Mexico and Iowa supported the Democratic Party and the 2 states supported Republican Party in 2004 US Election. While in 2002 US Election New Hampshire supported Republican Party and the scenario changed in 2004 Us Election the state voted for Democratic Party.

2000 US Presidential Election Result Map
2000 US Presidential Election Result Map
[ Image Credit : Nkocharh (talk) ]
Now we can analyses the election process. Bush get 286 votes in Electoral College and John Kerry got 251. One vote was received by John Edwards who was Kerry’s running mate, and also the primary candidate of Democratic Party, and the vote was added to Kerry’s credit. It was happened as a result of one vote by a faithless elector from Minnesota. Assuming it as an error the voter allowed to vote for Vice President Election for Edwards.

The vote obtained by Bush was highest in US Election history until this was broken by his successor Barak Obama in 2008 US Election. There was a perfect scenario to Kerry to win election if he had won in Ohio. In order to win the election and defeat Bush with 271 votes in opposite to Bush’s 266 votes he would have to win in the Ohio. But he lost to Bush by 2% difference. If it were happened the same scenario in of 2000 US Election will reproduced in between Bush and Gore.

The popularity of Bush as a wartime president helps him to face any serious challenge for Republican Party. The main campaign issue was ensuring security of nation. Bush has the point that the nation can trust him at any time without the fear of terrorism and Kerry is established as an “uncertain in the face of danger.” In the campaign of Kerry, he pointed out the war, racism and health issues etc.