2004 St George’s Day Google Doodle

St George’s Day is to commemorate the saint George in the countries where people considered as considered as patron saint. It is celebrated on April 23rd as a feast day in which he is believed to be dead in AD 303.

2004 St George’s Day Google Doodle
2004 St George’s Day Google Doodle (April 22, 2004)

This special day known as feast day or St George’s Day is celebrated in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion, Oriental Orthodox Church and several countries, cities and kingdoms where Saint George is considered as patron saint. In England and Georgia St. George’s Day is considered as national day.

St George’s Day is observed in different dates in different regions. The observed dates are 23rd April, 24th April, 6th May and 23rd November. The Eastern Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar and the date 23rd April corresponds to 6th May of Gregorian calendar.  As Easter falls on the same date as this the celebrations may postponed to different dates due to this.

From a St. George's Day celebration
From a St. George’s Day celebration [Image Credit : www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk ]
2004 St George’s Day Google Doodle is released on 22nd April. In the Google Doodle St George is fighting with a dragon. St George is known for slaying a dragon which is considered as evil in middle ages. Different stories are there relating St. George and Dragon.

The most agreeing version is like this. A town was conquered by dragon and a princess were under its custody. St. George escaped the princess from the dragon.  According to Anglican and Catholic calendars St. George Day celebrations falls in the date of first Monday after the Easter week.

2004 St George’s Day celebrations are observed in countries like England, Canada, Portugal, Croatia, Georgia, Cyprus, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Bulgaria. In England St George’s Day is considered as highly rated feast Day. It is considered as second most important National Feast in Catalonia and there it is known as Catalan.