2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Archery Google Doodle

This doodle is released as a part of Olympic Games in Sydney Archery competition. Doodle released on September 17, 2000 as a part of Olympic fever. This is one of the doodle in the series of doodle that released by Google on the occasion of Olympic Games in Sydney.

2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Archery Google Doodle
2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Archery (Sept 18, 2000)

The ranking rounds for Olympic Games in Sydney Archery competition is held on 16 September at Sydney International Archery Park. The regular competition was held from 17th September to 20th September. The Google doodle is release on the day after the regular competition started, i.e. on 18th September. There were individual and team events for both men and women.

In Olympic Games in Sydney Archery about twenty eight competitors from forty-six nations fight for four Gold medals. National Olympic Committees (NOC’s) specified four ways for individual archers to qualify for the games. NOC not recommend more than three archers to enter for an event from each nation.

The host nation (Australia) takes three spots. The other top eight teams also received three spots. The top 19 archers who are removed after the team qualifiers were also get the spot. The other 15 spots among 18 spots were divided among 5 continents and the remaining 3 spots were determined by Tripartite Commission.

The competing nations (NOC) get 3 spots (i.e. get 3 spots) were given permission to compete as a team. In 2000 Olympics Games all Archery competition was occurred from the range of 70 m. The target which is a number of concentric circles and the outer circle has a diameter of 122 cm. Each archer would get 40 seconds in order to shoot each arrow. With the rule of 3 archers can only represent a single NOC, there were 64 archers in each gender for participation. In the ranking round each archer can shoot 12 ends or 6 ends on a row as group.


South Korea
South Korea’s domination in Archery
[Image Credit: enchandledlearning]
By analyzing the overall performance and medal table South Korea dominates the medal table with 3 Gold medals and one Silver and Bronze medal. Australia and United States comes in 2nd and 3rd position.The 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney Archery Google Doodleis released especially the day after the Archery competitions started. As in the all series of doodle there represents a typical competitor as the Kangaroo. The archer is holding the bow and ready to release the arrow.

The first ‘o’ in the Google logois replaced with an archery aim consisting of concentric circle. In all doodles the ‘Google’ is written by using 5 colors representing 5 continents. . The letters are written with blue, yellow, black, green and red, which are colors appearing in the Olympic ring.