Google to provide its 1GB/s internet service to Grandview Missouri

Everyone gets excited when Google announced its 1GB/s internet service. It is just because of a high speed internet have that much importance in our life. Until now Google announce this service in 3 major cities. Now Google to provide its 1GB/s internet service to Grandview Missouri very soon.

The Google FiberIt is not at all confirmed that when the desired city becomes blessed with Google fiber. According to Google they have to set the network in the city at first. But Grand view Missouri turns to be the fourth major city to be listed for 1GB/s internet service. Google rapidly makes the arrangement for ever fast internet service for Grandview.

1GB/s internet service to Grandview Missouri

Today there is an official meeting called for to make final decision for starting this service. It will be held at 6.30 PM CDT in Grandview Missouri. The board of trustees of Grandview uniquely voted for to bring Google Fiber service to the City.

The Grandview City, Missouri situated at the south part of Kanas City. At first Google announce its high speed internet service for Kanas City itself. Later the service announced for Austin and Provo Cities. The official announcement for both of these Cities done in the month of April, 2013.

Now it is cleared that Google to expand its internet service to all possible Cities. There is also a possibility for the nearby Cities of Kanas to get Google Fiber service. It is just because Google fiber service is just like that of 4G LTE service method and it is available for only a major part of cities.

Google provide this service according to the pre-registration that gets from various cities. It should be cover a larger area altogether. It won’t available for a single party. Still Google gets high demand for its 1GB/s internet service and it is thinks to be the service will expands to other parts of the world shortly.