150th Anniversary of London Underground Google Doodle

On 150th Anniversary of London Underground Google introduced a doodle which is unique in the design in the homepage of UK. It was in the year 1893 on January 9th the underground railway started its operation in London.

150th Anniversary of London Underground Google Doodle
150th Anniversary of London Underground(January 9, 2013)

Google doodle today in UK included the Google logo as if it’s designed in a route map style. To make people understand the specialty of the day doodle also included the major routes in the map in the color they have been actually represented in the tube map written in the right end corner of it.

This is one of the best innovative doodle by Google.150th Anniversary of London Underground Google Doodle actually announced the popularity of London Underground among the people of London.

From the initial stage of construction itself the main aim of London Underground was to provide the best customer care services and making the travelling easy minimum cost. On the 150th Anniversary of London Underground they stand with the great satisfaction seeing the progress that they reached in the past years. After the London Underground started functioning the concept of reliable timely transport became a reality in London.

It’s estimated that today London Underground carry more than one billion passengers per annum. London Underground includes 207 stations covering a length of 402 kilometers. Among the entire distance covered by it 45 percentage of it is underground. 3.23 to 3.66 million riders use this transportation system weekly. This is the third largest metro system in the world. During the initial period of transport itself it carried more than 26000 people a day.

Tube Map
Tube Map
[ Image Credit :projectmapping.co.uk]
As it covers a wide range of routes the major routes are represented using distinct colors in the tube map. Tube is the name by which London Underground is known by the native as well as other people. It is the construction style adopted to make the tunnel which resembles a tube gave this nickname to London Underground.

We can see the specification of those colors in the Google doodle given above too. There mainly 11 lines in the tube which is divided in to subsurface routes and deep routes. Deep tube routes consist of the Waterloo, central, northern, Piccadilly, victoria and city lines. The other one includes district, circle, metropolitan, and Hammersmith and city lines.

Routes are separated by using the colors red, brown, yellow, green, pink, magenta, dark blue, light blue, turquois and silver in the tube map for proper identification. We can see the use of these colors in the doodle released by Google also.

Mission, vision and strategies used to make it implemented in real is outstanding and is completely user friendly. Customer care with proper functioning is the main aim that they are pointing out.  London Undergrounds fame reached a level that there are many documentaries featuring the life of employees using the underground came in to play in the recent years.

Google doodle on 150th Anniversary of London Underground was a great honor for their continuous efforts and hard work put forward to make such a huge interlinked system function without discomfort. As the underground is facilitated for customer they provide clean and tidy atmosphere. To make this possible the underground will be closed for few hours every day apart from the New Year day and some other official days. It’s one of the best underground transportation systems in the world.