Facebook introduced 15 second video support for instagram

Today Facebook launched 15 second video support for Instagram service. It was the instagram founder Kevin Systrom talked about the new evolution of video for the app. Now with the launch of 15second video sharing, Facebook is now ready to compete with Twitter video sharing service Vine.

15 second video support for instagramThere are 13 filters for the new video sharing service which makes you enhance your skills by choosing apt filters and making your video much better. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom stated that they were concentrating on simplicity, speed and beauty which can be easily adopted to photos not videos. He told that this was the main reason for the delay of integrating video to the app.

Facebook have already stated that 16 billion photos shared on Instagram is liked by more than 1 billion people till now. They also announced that there are about 130 million active users for the service. So this new move from the side of Facebook will be a step to make their position safe among all other competitors.

How to record video on Instagram?

  • Download the latest Instagram from android or iOS.
  • Tap the camera button at the bottom of the application.
  • Switch to video mode.
  • Press and hold the red button to start recording.
  • Lift the finger to stop recording.

Once you finish the recording in Instagram you can select different camera filters to make video more attractive. In addition to the video sharing, Facebook also included cinema stabilization for instagram to improve the quality of your 15 second video clips.  Facebook always add new features to their services and it’s these changes that are integrated with the services time by time hold its users. Now with this new announcement Facebook entered as the member of video sharing services too.