140th Anniversary of NWMP Google Doodle

Google doodle on 14oth Anniversary of NWMP (North West Mounted Police) published a special doodle in its homepage landed on the country. The responsibilities of this official body in the country is very much important and specific.

140th Anniversary of NWMP Google DoodleThe doodle on the Google home page on the anniversary day of NWMP included many important ingredients for their honor. Inclusion of the picture of police man in red uniform which is the official uniform color of NWMP saluting the nation added beauty to the doodle as well as it made the doodle convey the message of specialty of the day more accurate and clear. 140th Anniversary of NWMP Google Doodle also include mountain, river, trees and greenery in the background to add beauty to it.

NWMP (North West Mount Police) the predecessor agency of RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) was formed on 1873 May 23rd. NWMP was later transformed in to RCMP. It’s after some transformation and improvements RCMP was formed in today’s form in the year 1920.

NWMP has got great role in enforcing law and order of the country. Federal laws are managed and maintained in the country by NWMP which includes the enforcing laws for domestic security, commercial crime and court terrorism. This is a large body which includes approximately 29,235 members.

RCMP March
RCMP March

The activities of NWMP in the crucial times of nation were really appreciable. NWMP was active during all the crisis situations of Canada without any hesitation and with a will to make country overcome the situation. Many of the Mounties lost their life working for the country in battles and wars but they never gave up.

By recognizing the work and determination for the nation and world many honor and awards are given to NWMP. Starting from the designation of commissionaire we can see a large group of members in NWMP who have high commitment towards nation. NWMP also holds all the modern facilities in including vehicles, sophisticated weapons and well managed administrative body to maintain order and laws.

“Defend the law” is the motto of RCMP. Google honored this greatest law maintaining authority of Canada by this special doodle on its 140th anniversary.