100th Tour de France Google Doodle

Google on 29th June published the animated doodle in homepage to showcase the 100th Tour de France, the bicycle race competition that takes place annually. In 100th Tour de France Google Doodle the entire logo is replaced with different colors and riders cycling wearing yellow jersey.

100th Tour de France Google Doodle
100th Tour de France Google Doodle (June 29, 2013)

In the 100th Tour de France Google Doodle we can see the letter ‘o’ replaced with the bicycle and rider. The Google logo letter ‘l’ is also replaced with another rider and cycle. It’s the 100th Tour de France which is going to take place in the year 2013.

This is one of the most prominent Tour de France racing competition which lasts for more three weeks. As in all other years this year also there are many participants and teams for this racing competition. The main participations for Tour de France is from the hosting country and the nearby countries.

Starting from 29th June this competition will last till 21st July.  198 participants from 22 countries will take part in competition this year. Tour de France started in the year 1903 is the competition which is witnessed by thousands of the people every year.

In the Tour de France doodle to make it special for the 100th year of the race it’s written ‘Le Centime’ which means hundredth in French.  As we can see in the doodle, the winner will be awarded the yellow jersey.  It was for the sale of the magazine L’Auto the competition was initially started and now it’s had reached to a new level.

100th Tour de France
100th Tour de France[Image Credit :letour]
Earlier Tour de France competition was only covered by the journalist of L’Auto magazine and  now it’s a racing competition with large media coverage and popularity. We can now  look forward for this year’s Tour de France and who will be the owner of the Yellow Jersey.

While starting this competition in 1903, it was a 1 month long completion starting from 31st May. Maurice Grain was the first winner of this racing competition and after that many names were included in the list of winners. Now also this competition is carried out with great importance and dignity. Amaury sport organization is the current organizers of the event.

Google by publishing this beautiful Tour de France doodle to announce the beginning of this competition and shared the spirit of this race. We can come across more interesting and motivating stories in coming days of this race.