Google Celebrates 10 Years of AdSense

Today Google is celebrating 10 years of AdSense. Google AdSense created a change over to the entire world of inter-networking. Since Google introduced this Advertising business, publishers were ready to accept it and publish Google Ads on their website.

10 years of adsenseIn the official blog Google said that now this community includes more than 2 million publishers.  As we know Google always stands for good of society and public,  AdSense is a step by Google to provide money to those publishers who place the Ads on the website.

The search giant Google have the policy “Work without Evil”. In this case of Google AdSense also they strictly monitor the compliance with this Google policy. During the past 10 years there was a great popularity for this Google service. Google in the official AdSense blog stated that publishers have earned about $7 Billion by using Google AdSense in last year alone.

Now on the 10th Anniversary, Google is getting ready for a hangout on AdSense Google+ page at 10am PDT. So tune to Google hangout and share the experience with Google. It was on June 2003 Google launched this new service and now after covering the journey of 10 successful years Google AdSense have reached to a new era.

So get ready for sharing your experience with Google AdSense by logging on to the live hangout.