1 million advertisers mark in FB set new record

The 1.2 billion user record of Facebook helps it to make dominance in other fields also. Other than communication each other people connect with Facebook to gets news all around the world, advertising…Etc. Today 1 million advertisers mark in FB set new record

1 million advertisers mark in FBThe expected results are got from an advertisement when the advertiser provides the desired ad in a crowded place. Then only it catches the attention of people and they become interested in  getting  that product or service.  Upon the internet world the advertisers can’t find any other perfect platform like Facebook. That is why the today Facebook hits 1 million active advertisers mark. The new record of 1 million advertisers mark in FB announced through their official news site.

“Over the past year I’ve had the privilege of meeting and learning from many amazing business owners who use Facebook. Some have just set up their Facebook pages while others are experts who share their tips with others. I’ve learned from companies like Ministry of retail in Singapore, spring wools in Ireland, Scene75 entertainment center in Ohio and many more around the world.

I know business owners like these invest their hard earned money and time to running their companies. So today on behalf of everyone at Facebook, I want to say thank you to them and to over one million businesses like them who are active advertisers. You have chosen Facebook as a partner to grow your business. We appreciate the chance to work with you, and we celebrate your success” Dan Levy Director of global marketing in Facebook said.

Facebook also shared the stories of successful advertisers to inspire the entry level people to this business. Facebook now became a part of our daily life so that the dominant social networking service can be a perfect guide in many of business. As the popularity and usage of Facebook gets increase in every second the advertisement in it becomes successful for sure.

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