World Cup 2014 England vs Uruguay Match Google Doodle

On 19th June 2014 Google posted a special Doodle to celebrate first round match between England and Uruguay of WC 2014. Both teams are belong to group D of FIFA World Cup Football 2014, the one and only group that contain more than one previous champions of world cup football.

World Cup 2014 England vs Uruguay Match Google Doodle
World Cup 2014 England vs Uruguay Match Google Doodle (19th June, 2014)

Within dedicated Google Doodle of England vs Uruguay match you can see goal scoring dance of two teams side by side. The first two letters of official logo both ‘G’ and ‘O’ portraits the joy of England fans, the letter ‘O’ dances to cherish the team, can see shade of national flag of England.

The last third letters ‘G’ , ‘L’ and ‘E’ stands for Uruguay, The ‘G’ letter have shade of Uruguay fan, give a flying kiss over favourite players. You can also see world cup football replacing second ‘O’ of official logo, reflect national flag of Brazil, the FIFA world cup 2014 hosting country.

England vs Uruguay match conducted in Sao Pualo at Arena Corinthians. Before this match England played against Italy on 14th June 2014, lost for score 1-2. Uruguay also lost match against Costa Rica for 1-3. After this match England will play against Costa Rica on 24th June 2014, Uruguay will play against Italy on same day.

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