Why HTML5?

HTML5 is a latest standard for the markup language HTML. The question is why HTML5? as there are many markup languages existing in the web world. Here complete review on HTML5.Why HTML5?

The development of HTML5 is not belonging to a single source it is from a group of technological experts who focus for providing a better web experience. The technical leaders who involved in HTML5 development are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Adobe…Etc. HTML5 is a perfect combination of fifth version of the markup language HTML style and layout by CSS3 along with the JavaScript. These combinations can bring out the innovative web applications that are promising high performance graphics and speed.

HTML5 is featured with canvas SVG and 3D CSS. The SVG and canvas belongs for 3D graphics. So with HTML5 supports browsers turns a perfect visual effective platform. Google provides web developers a platform called WebGL to make out the browsers more effective with HTML5. It is not only belongs to chrome browser only the platform includes Mozilla Firefox Apple’s Safari. The ultimate graphics performance and real time video access is promises by the JavaScript. There is no need of tough downloading and installation users can directly access the applications without having any interruption.

One of the key features of HTML5 is application caching. That is we can access our favorite application in offline mode. This features works by accessing the basic elements of that applications to cache including JavaScript CSS and HTML contents. The advanced HTML5 API can effectively choose what all datas to be cached. So the application will loads instantly after caching even if there is server problem and network failure.

The application caching of HTML5 is entirely different that of browser caching as the regular browser’s caching in not withstand all time. The main base of this feature is HTML APIs which holds only relevant datas which needed for next time. This featured section of HTML5 also includes offline storage of user data. The separate storage helps to get rid of the loss of data due to network failure. It helps to retaining of previous section of data from where we lost it. The HTML5 APIs helping out the browsers to perform offline data storage. Webstores are one of the examples for it. It efficiently stored the data locally. This feature also maintains the bandwidth range to low state.

Sample code to embed videos in HTML5

<video width="320" height="240" controls="controls">
  <source src="movie.mp4" type="video/mp4">
  <source src="movie.ogg" type="video/ogg">
  <source src="movie.webm" type="video/webm">
Your browser does not support the video tag.
</html> //Courtesy:w3schools

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The application caching and offline storage with HTML5 also improves the performance of application. We can access the applications easily with one tap without having mention about installation. The caching helps to perform the applications quickly as the relevant datas are stored automatically. It is also helps to save our valuable time by reducing the repeated requests. The basic element which stands behind the fast performance is that the advanced JavaScript engines that process the scripts instantly.

The reason for why every developer chooses for HTML5 is it provides faster application development. Other than the faster development it also allows multiple platforms including both desktop and mobile. The multiple platform support also helps the developers to reduce the effort. As it support for different platforms it also supports for different browsers so that a single entity can used for all of them to make it better than before. All modern browsers choose for HTML5 because it reduces the chance for fragmentation.

With HTML5 the application development for different browsers is an easy process as the portability is fast process within it. HTML5 also reduces the installation different extensions and plugins as it support large number of feature at one glance. It also supports for mobile platforms. No other technologies are this much advanced.

HTML5 also promises high level security in its services. The parsing algorithm of HTML5 allows the browsers to keep away from online vulnerabilities and from invalid code executions. With HTML5 developers provides secured browsing APIs to ensure the effective web experience. The attack of malicious applications are gets blocked with effective sandboxing technology. Also the HTTP protocol extends the security range. HTML5 allows the browser to provide maximum defensive actions to all types of attacks.

HTML5 provides complete user friendly experience as it compatible with all types of devices and support for different platforms. So no users have to get worried about the compatibility and version just tap on the application which does the desired task.

The effective web applications also supports direct accessing of your favorite stuffs like music videos…Etc. That is with HTML5 web world is becomes more interactive to you. As HTML5 is a perfect combination of relevant elements like HTML CSS3 and JavaScript the applications and possibilities with it becomes effective and endless. It also makes our daily life even better by providing futuristic technologies.