What is new in Samsung flexible Smartphone screen

The introduction of touched based first generation iPhone is the biggest change that ever seen by the mobile world in 2007. Now in 2013 Samsung introduced flexible phone screen in CES 2013. So let’s check what is new in Samsung flexible Smartphone screen.

What is new in Samsung flexible Smartphone screen

The flexible phone screen of Samsung developed using OLED technology. OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode. The main advantages of OLED are that its development required only low cost and it can be printed on any suitable substrate. So that with plastic substrates can create flexible displays. A special thin electroluminescent layer is responsible for the light emission in OLED displays. It is situated between the electrodes. Samsung used plastic substrates to develop the flexible displays. That is they replaced the current glass substrate to plastic one. So the display became more flexible like tube.

The most suitable answer to the question why Samsung gone for flexible displays is that they want to make it more comfortable. That is you can easily fit the large screen phones that are in flexible mode. The curved screens also show up the updates and messages. The bending of screen doesn’t make any changes in the phone updations. The Samsung screens can’t be fold like a newspaper it is just can be bent. The main reason for why the Companies may not using flexible displays largely is that such OLED chemical easily react with atmosphere oxygen. Also the bended screen keeps out the product from finger touch.

Samsung plans to provide flexible phone screens not only because of focus of easiness in development. These displays are very thin comfortable and promises low power consumption. So the flexible screens point out new life style possibilities. Samsung plans to use this screens in upcoming Smartphones and tablets. So the screen size becomes never be a problem. The tablet can be shortening like a phone and phone can make even smaller.

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