What is new in Google smart shoe

In SXSW 2013 Google officially introduced new talking show in collaboration with Adidas. So the question is how it differs or what is new in Google smart shoe?

What is new in Google smart shoeBy introducing Google smart shoe the company actually tries to whole the informations and services you want without actually disturb you from what you are doing. Also Google shoe will motivate you by making various comments, as a perfect guide for you.

What is new in Google smart shoe

Google smart shoe includes a Bluetooth, accelometer, gyroscope and pressure sensor inside it to make your way live and clear. Google show can motivate you by giving updates on what it feel and what you do. A video was also introduced on Google shoe. Google Shoe speaks to you with clear British accent with the use of microphone. Google smart shoe developed under the project named art, copy and code, actually a translator of movement data to messages.

The Google smart shoe can be connect with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and gives back you various witty messages by analyzing your movements. Like “if standing still was a sport you would be the world champion”, ‘ I love the feeling of wind in my laces”. It would probably motivate you to do something good.Google show can also track the speed of your movements and can motivate you with results. In such a way Google smart shoe can be a perfect heath guide for you

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