What is new in Blackberry 10 operating system

Blackberry limited officially announced whole new blackberry 10 operating system officially, unveils by CEO Thorsten Heins in NewYork event. So let’s check what is new in blackberry 10 operating system

What is new in Blackberry 10 operating system

According to RIM (formal name of Blackberry limited) the market fall of Blackberry OS is because of the dominance shown by Android and iOS. The keen factors of these two OS are to provide complete user friendly experience. The new Blackberry 10 operating system merely focused onto provides such an ecosystem. “I really do believe that the consumer market as a whole is ready for something new. Blackberry 10 will really do that. Google’s Android and Apple iOS both are older than 5 years” RIM mobility manager said.

What is new in Blackberry 10 operating system

  • The new Blackberry 10 OS gives an Android impression at first look by resizable widgets and merged home screens, to provide a convenient mobile experience for the users. Users can set the widgets at their wish. The priority vice setting will help to access the desired services instantly, platform support for easy navigation and quick accessing of application.
  • The active frames within the Blackberry 10 operating system helps to gets a preview of application. It will help to informed about what an application stands for. Normally the BB10 powered Smartphones show off 4 frames at a time which used for the most, can also choose another frames right down the home screen.
  • The advanced QNX core system within the Blackberry 10 operating system keeps everything within low power consuming mode and avoids quick battery dryness. The lock of screen of BB10 can show off all important notifications and new messages, can be easily unlocked by moving your thumps up in the screen and just slide anywhere on the screen.

The Re-designed Re-engineered Blackberry 10 OS

  • Blackberry hub will bring together all your SMS, MMS, Mails, BBM messages to one unique place, can also access each sections seperately.
  • The advanced searching bar on the top of the home screen helps to filtered out the things within the phone easily. The BB10 powered Smartphones show off stunning animation fade outs as you are moving across the screens. The swiping out from right to left on the screen show off whole applications within it. Like new android 4.2 Jelly Bean version users can access multiple account at a time with BB10.
  • The most promising features of Blackberry 10 operating system is the advanced keyboard system itself, will automatically predict the next word on inputting so that you can easily complete your message. So the mails and messages can be complete within seconds. It will save time and help to complete the task instantly, also provides multiple languages support.
  • Blackberry also provide online application store for Blackeberry 10 operating system , provides more than 70000 applications.

Blackberry also launched Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 which are running on Blackebrry 10 operating system, these two smartphones will arrives at the market in the month of March.

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