Updated Vine for iOS gets new camera tools and protected posts

Twitter’s social networking sharing tool Vine came across a number of updations within few weeks. Today the updated Vine for iOS gets new camera tools and protected posts. You candownload and install the latest Vine for iOS right from app store.

Vine for iOS gets new camera toolsNow Vine for iOS gets new camera tools along with more channels,allows the users to make post within different channels according to the nature. It will make the Vine posts more specific than before. It also allows the users to browse the post from the explore screen. Each Vine channel has their own theme and popular feed. The different channels available within new Vine updation are:

  • Comedy.
  • Art and experimental.
  • Cats.
  • Dogs.
  • Family.
  • Beauty and fashion.
  • Food.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Nature.
  • Music.
  • News and politics.
  • Special FX.
  • Urban and wier.

To make the videos more stunning the Vine for iOS brings new camera tools. It includes new grids, focus and ghost tools. Now users can make their Vine videos more beautiful than before with advanced camera tools. It is something that the Vine users really want.

The new on the right section within Vine helps you to discover more people from the community who are starting to capture the attention. It simply means to find out the trending users of the service.Vine application screenhots

The revining tool within new Vine updation helps the users to share others post with the followers in just one tap. This tool is something like retweeting. It helps to promote the good posts soon throughout the service.

To strengthen the Vine service the new updation brings protected posts. We knew that all Vine posts goes publish after the posting and it can be discovered and shared by anyone. With protected post you can make your posts only visible to people who are selected by you. In such a way you feel more security within the Vine service.