Vincent Van Gogh 152nd Birthday Google Doodle

The great artist Vincent Van Gogh 152nd birthday was celebrated in the year 2005 by Google with release of doodle on homepage in honor to him. Google doodle was presented by the inspiration from one of his greatest painting ‘The starry night’.

Vincent Van Gogh 152nd Birthday Google Doodle
Vincent Van Gogh 152nd Birthday(March 29, 2005)

Vincent Van Gogh was born on 1853 March 30th in a village of Netherlands. He was the eldest son of his parents. He was an artist who had created a great impact on the painting history. He was famous for his variety in color combinations and themes that he used in his works. Vincent Van Gogh was a man who had lived only for a few years in earth. He was died in the age of 37. But during his life time he had created more than 2100 paintings. It was his extraordinary talents in artistic works he showed made him the best among the artists of his era.

Google doodle released on Vincent Van Gogh’s 152nd birthday was entirely different and unique from other doodles. It gave special outlook for the doodle. Google logo was represented as if it’s drawn with oil painting in Vincent Van Gogh style. The entire theme was designed by taking ‘The starry night’ as the model.

Vincent Van Gogh 152nd Birthday Google Doodle resembles the oil painting Vincent Van Gogh created in the year 1889. This painting that he created is now exhibited in the Museum of modern art in New York. The starry night is an oil painting the he drew by getting inspired from the outdoor view of his sanitarium room of his Saint Remy province in France at night. The painting was a clear reflection of his inbuilt ability in presenting the real life views in the canvas.

Most of the works of Vincent Van Gogh was a simple reflection of what he sees. He had drawn many paintings with the neighbors and surroundings as the theme. It was in the last two years of life the best of him got birth. He was a man who travelled to many places throughout his life time.

The Starry Night
The Starry Night

We can see the specialty of color combination that he used in his paintings in the Google doodle that published in honor to him too. The doodle included all the possible colors from starry night image. The picture that comes in to mind after the initial view of the doodle is the image of Vincent Van Gogh’s  Starry night.

Apart from this there are uncountable works which made a new era in the painting history. Landscapes, real life images, portraits all became the part of his work. It was in the year 1881 when he was in Nuenen he started with new model paintings.  It was from his letter to brother world came to know about him and his life. It was in the year 1883 he completed his first major painting work.

Apart from painting he also did many mission works for the welfare of the society. He himself found happier with the life of artist and created many great works and gifted the world best art ever seen. The potato Easter, Blossoming Almond tree, The starry night, the mulberry tree, sunflower, the night cafe, poppies and the bedroom are some of his famous works. After donating these great talented works to the world he died in the year 1890 on July 29th.

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