Tomitaro Makino’s Birthday Google Doodle

Tomitaro Makino is known as the father of Botany in Japan. On 2009  Tomitaro Makino’s Birthday Google Doodle was published on Google homepage to remember his contributions in Botany. Doodle in the Japanese homepage of Google included pictures of many flowers.

Tomitaro Makino’s Birthday Google Doodle
Tomitaro Makino’s Birthday Google Doodle (April 24, 2009)

In Japan his birthday is celebrated as Botany Day. Botany means the science which is related to plants and study of this science very important because plants are the life providers. So celebrating a day as Botany Day to spread the awareness of plants and their protection is very important and in Japan that is on Tomitaro Makino’s Birthday, the man who dedicated a part of his life in researches on plants.

In the Google doodle we can see the logo letters wrote with images of flowers in it. All the plants that we see in doodle is species of plants discovered by Tomitaro Makino through his researches. Inclusion of flowers in the doodle made it colorful and beautiful.


Tomitaro Makino had documented about more than 50,000 species in his books during the life time. He has got great interest for plants, geography and English from childhood itself.

It was during 1880’s he entered in to the job of primary school teacher. After that he went to Tokyo to University of Tokyo. It was during that time he started publishing journal on Botany. Makino’s book documenting about 6000 species was published in the year 1936 named Makino book of Botany. In that 6000 species of plants more than 1000 plants were discovered by Mokino.

There more than 2000 plants which was named by him. Mokino Botanical Garden in Japan is named after him to honor him. He had a collection of about four lakh species in his hand and after his death all these were handed over to Tokyo Metropolitan University. Google with this doodle honored Tomitaro Makino on his birthday.

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