The Upcoming tech revolution

What is the upcoming tech revolution for which techies are waiting eagerly?  World’s top rated companies are now  focusing on the wearable smart devices. Let’s have a look on upcoming life changing devices.

The Upcoming tech revolution

The reason for why it is stated as future is wearable computing devices is people wants products that make their life faster and effective. You can hope such products from Google, Samsung, Apple and other techies in near future.

The Upcoming tech revolution

Google glass is the first ever products that gets announced within the wearable computing devices list. Google project glass is mainly works through voice commands, the indirect bone conduction also makes communication with this device much simpler, can take photos, videos, get information, Google now cards through voice commands. The applications for Google glass are under development, it goes to public release in next year.

The next rumored computing device is Galaxy smart watch, a complete companion for android phones. Samsung is under development for a smart watch that can manage calls, messages, browsing…etc. Galaxy smart watch will mainly works with same series Samsung Smartphones. It is thinks to be the release of Galaxy Smart watches will happen in second half of this year.

There is also chance for arrival of Smartwatch from tech giant Apple, The iWatch. Siri is going to be the main specialty in with iWatch, can handle calls, messages and browsing. Apple iWatch can also run small applications and multimedia files. It is expected to be release in the end of 2013.

The Japanese manufacture Sonu also put forward their plan for introducing a new smartwatch in this year. Sony is the first ever vtech company that introduced smartwatch for the technical world. New Sony smartwatch will compatible with a number of android phones, can handle calls, messages mails and browsing. You can expect the release of Sony Smartwatch in the seocnd half of this year.

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