Sputnik 50th Anniversary Google Doodle

On Sputnik 50th anniversary of launching Google decorated its home page with a special doodle. The first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 was launched in the year 1957 October 4th. This was a new revolution in the scientific world.

Sputnik 50th Anniversary Google Doodle
Sputnik 50th Anniversary(October 3, 2007)

Sputnik 50th Anniversary Google Doodle included the picture of Sputnik 1 in the place of Google logo letter ‘g’ and it also included the upper portion of earth in bluish color. The anniversary of this historical event was beautifully imaged in the Google home page with this beautiful doodle.

The thought of this new Sputnik project began on 1954, 3 years before the realization of the event. The official sanction for the practical implementation work got on 1956 January 30th. This was the first step in making the satellite which is of approximately 58 cm diameter and 4 antennas to catch and transmit radio waves.

Sputnik 1 orbits earth once in a time of 92.2 minutes covering 29 thousand kilometers in an hour. Ministry of defense industry, radio technical industry, ship building industry, defense and USSR Academy of science are institution which took part actively in making Sputnik 1 and made it capable to be launched on the desired date.


Sputnik was one of the new invention of man to explore the bodies in the outer space. The Google step in making the invention value by publishing this special doodle on the 50th anniversary of the day makes people aware of the importance of sputnik and its role in the scientific exploration of outer space.

It was Sputnik Rocket which was the vehicle took the satellite to the outer space. All the people involved in the development of the satellite watched the flight on the day. By launching Sputnik 1 Soviet Union became the first nation to launch the artificial satellite to space though there were many countries getting ready with the same task. With the success of sputnik they marked the beginning of satellite launch.

Google anniversary doodle of Sputnik 1 launch was really simple and conveys the specialty of the day clearly and accurately.

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