Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle

Today Google released Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle on homepage landed on Mexico. This Mexican Google doodle portraits Rufino Tamayo’s painting ‘Duality’.

Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle on Google
Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle( Aug 26, 2013)

Duality is one of the famous mural work of the Mexican muralist Rufino Tamayo. The Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle is the perfect reflection of his work Duality. There is only minute difference between actual Duality painting and this mural doodle. Each and every element in the doodle goes in hand with the logo characters.This work is presently seen at National Museum of Anthropology.

We can see Jaguar, stars, constellations, Quetzalcoatl Y Tezcatlipoca, sun in Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle. Rufino Tamayo mural works are combination of European style of painting and Mexican folk theme.

Rufino Tamayo
Rufino Tamayo

Rufino Tamayo focus on background surface and color more than imagery in his works. The basic theme chosen by this Mexican muralist is animals and universe. In Rufino’s work duality we can see the image of Jaguar and giant snake which points to the tension of modern culture. Rufino’s others mural works also shows hidden relation between the peaceful co-existence also.

Born on 1899 August 26th, Rufino Tamayo dedicated his entire life for art and artworks.It was during 1930’s best of his work got birth. The mural work that we can see in Rufino Tamayo 114th Birth Anniversary Doodle was the best among his works.

Rufino Tamayo Museum was founded in the year 1981 included his major works. Rufino Tamayo Art Museum at Mexico includes more than 300 of Tamayo’s paintings and works of other famous artist like Picasso and Rene Magritte.

Though there are many art works in Rufino’s  name it’s Lion and Horse, The birth of nationality, Rufino and Olga, Hombre Con flor, Children playing with fire made him renowned. After the life of great 91 years Rufino died on 24th June 1991.

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