Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle 2003

Republic Day of Italy is known by the name Festa Della Repubblicca. It’s observed on June 2nd every year in Italy. Republic Day is celebrated in many countries to commemorate the day in which it became republic. Grand parties and parades are organized in the countries on that day for celebrations.

Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle 2003
Republic Day of Italy (June 2, 2003)

It was on 2nd of June Italy became Republic. Google came forward with Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle 2003 to make the celebration more colorful. Google doodle on its homepage was designed with the national flag color of Italy. Apart from Italy doodle was published in the Google home page of Switzerland, San Marino, Libya and Gibralta.

Flag of Italy is a tricolored flag. Green, white and Red are the three colors included in the Italian national flag and also in the Google doodle on the Republic Day of Italy. It was on January 1st in 1948 the current form of flag was officially adopted. To announce the significance of the day Google doodle designer has also included national emblem of Italy in the doodle. National emblem reflects the culture and tradition of the nation. It’s on the center ‘o’ in the logo the national emblem of Italy is placed.

Italy became Republic in the year 1946 June 2nd. After the Second World War on 1946 an election was held in Italy to decide whether they should follow monarchial rule or the republican rule. Polling was held all over in Italy .At last when the result was published 12,717,923 votes were for republican rule and was only 10,719,284 for monarchial rule. Thus Italy became republic.

National emblem of Italy
National emblem of Italy
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Italy is a country with wide range of tradition and culture. Italian people are well known for their faithfulness and loyalism. There are many famous and historic personalities in Italy. Italy is a country with great historic significance. Galileo, Enrico Fermi, Federico Feggin, Antonio Meussi are the famous Italian figures who made great contributions in world.

Republic Day of Italy is celebrated by Italians all over with great patriotic love and respect.On the day of its commemoration many programs are held in Italy. Official speeches, parades and award ceremonies are held all over in the country on this day. Special observations and parades are hosted on the Italian soil on that day. Wreaths are kept to honor those soldiers who sacrificed their life for the country in the past battles.

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