Google to introduce chrome remote desktop application for android

We are all knew about chrome remote desktop application, which allows access of your system with others over internet. Now Google to introduce chrome remote desktop application for android.

remote application for androidThe remote desktop application for android  from Google called as chromoting. This news is shared by chromium developer of Google Francois Beaufort, He also highlight about the chromium code behind this application. The chromoting remote application for android will introduce very soon.

Now Google is at the development stage of this application. It is very much essential this kind of application for android as it dominated in the technical world with maximum shares.

Features of remote desktop application for android

  • The authentication suing Google account within the android phone.
  • From the chromoting directory server it will list out query and host.
  • Using XMPP/ICE can make connection and communicate with the host.
  • Establishing peer to peer channel for communication.

Like original chrome remote application the chromoting also meant for access of another device through internet. It helps to solve many technical issues associated with the devices. Once the application establishes the connection an expert can solve the issues remote desktop

Once you launch the chrome remote desktop application for android it will automatically generates a code. This code must be shared with your partner, then only he can access your device. Once the connection is established he/she can control your device.

There is not at all doubt in the case that the number of active android devices increases in every day. It is not at all an easy task to solve all the technical issues arise within these devices.

The upcoming chromoting remote application for android helps the users to solve these issues remotely with friends. It will work same as that of chrome remote desktop application. Even though chromoting becomes a mobile version of remote application from Google it lacks some of features that from desktop version. We can hope the release of chromoting in coming months.

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