Queen’s Day of Netherlands Google Doodle 2005

Koninginnedag which is the Queen’s Day of Netherlands is an official celebration day in Netherlands. Queen’s Day is the best among  all celebration that takes place in Netherlands. In the year 2005 Google published a golden doodle in Netherlands home page to celebrate with the people over there the happiness of the day.

Queen’s Day of Netherlands Google Doodle 2005
Queen’s Day of Netherlands(April 29, 2005)

Queen’s Day of Netherlands Google Doodle 2005 on this day was special designed with orange color. Orange is the color associated with the day. “House of Orange –Nassau” is the name in which the Dutch royal house is known. Orange color has got deep relationship with the customs and celebration associated with the day.

On this day in Netherlands we can see people dressed in walking along the streets in groups making fun and joy. It’s quite common to see people coloring their hair to orange color to take part in the celebrations of the day. In the Google doodle we can also see the image of cathedral church in the place of second ‘o’. It is said that Cathedral church door only opens for the functions

The custom of celebrating Queen’s Day of Netherlands started in the year 1885 at the fiftieth birthday of the princess Wilhelmina. After Wilhelmina ,Princess Juliana became the princesses and Queen’s Day of Netherlands was shifted from August 31st to April 30th which was her birthday. Now the princess of Netherlands is Beatrix. She didn’t change the date of celebration of Queen’s Day of Netherlands. She declared to celebrate it on April 30thitself on her mother’s Birthday. Queen’s Day of Netherlands is the official birthday of princesses Beatrix.

Queen’s Day Celebrations
Queen’s Day Celebrations
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A wide range of celebrations takes place in Netherlands on this day. This is actually the celebration in Netherland which is celebrated by every citizen with great importance.

There are many special dishes in Netherlands which makes the day special. Oranje peel soaked in jenever known by the name Oranje bitter is the tradition dish for this day from many years. Many types of orange cakes, custards and orange ice creams are also included the menu to give sweetness for celebration of the day.

Queen’s Day of Netherlands is a public holiday in Netherlands. So celebration of this day is also enjoyed by children by variety of games and sports competitions. Google also wished the people of Netherlands a very happy day  by releasing this doodle.

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