US President Obama to take part in Google+ Hangout with US Citizens

The honorable president United States always find some time to spend with his beloved citizens. US President Obama to take part in Google+ Hangout with US Citizens on Thursday at 4.50 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

 Obama to take part in Google+ Hangout with US CitizensAs there is a great crowd of people who are eagerly waiting to chat with the president and there are limitations in number of people involved in Hangout at a time, authority is providing a chance to the people all over country to upload video and send  the brief question for which they want answer from president. Questions in the text format is also accepted. The deadline for submission was Wednesday afternoon.

Obama to take part in Google+ Hangout with US Citizens

According to unofficial reports a large series of questions have already reached and selected questions from that will be answered by President Obama to the live audience during the hangout. The hangout can be viewed live in official Google Plus page of White House and also in You Tube.

Google plus Hangout with US president will hopefully the best method for the citizens to get answer for the queries. In January also US President had conducted similar hangout to interact with the people on matters regarding the Union address.

Google plus hangout popularity is increasing day by day. Now Google plus hangout have become the best method to interact with the people by official authorities and organizations. Its popularity have reached to such a high range that NASA have announced Google+ Hangout with astronauts in the outer space on February 22nd.

Now as per the reports the time to send the questions have already passed. So those who have already send their quires can wait for the moment when president comes live with the answer for the questions. Live chatting with the president of United States will be a great experience. Hopefully it will be the best opportunity to clarify the doubts and quires.

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