Nokia priced Lumia 920 above than Samsung Galaxy SIII

Struggling cellphone maker Nokia’s only hope rely on Windows phone OS, they released Lumia 920. As by reports Nokia priced Lumia 920 which is greater than that of popular Galaxy SIII.
Nokia priced Lumia 920 above than Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Finnish manufactures also said that users are not much familiar with windows phone operating system that is why their previous windows based phones are get dumped. They hope to the best with Lumia 920. Nokia priced this innovative smart phone to $860 which is more than 10% higher than that of world’s most popular Samsung Galaxy SIII.

There are many features that raise Lumia 920. It has better display than that of iPhone 5’s retina display. The optical image stabilization and Carl Zeiss stabilization offer next generation photography. The stunning application that uniquely stands for Nokia is city lens augment reality in map application. If the users tap on this feature and point towards the right direction then the application will show up the services offered by that city. The only phone that uses wireless charging is Lumia 920. It uses charging pad to get charged.

In fact Lumia 920 didn’t have a powerful ecosystem like android. The strength of Lumia phones are only the camera. Providing mobiles in reasonable price is better option for Nokia to get better market response from customers.

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