National Liberation Day of Korea 2003 Google Doodle

National Liberation Day of Korea which is observed to commemorate the liberation of Korea from Japanese occupation is on August 15th. Every year on this day Korean people organize many programs to make this day special. Google also came up with a beautiful doodle to celebrate with Koreans.

National Liberation Day of Korea 2003 Google Doodle
National Liberation Day of Korea 2003(August 15, 2003)

Google doodle on the home page landed on Korea was specially designed with Korean national flag color and national flower of Korea.National Liberation Day of Korea 2003 Google Doodle is written with black and white color and the second ‘o’ in the Google logo is replaced with Taegeuk. This symbol is seen in the Korean national flag. According to the Korean belief Taegeuk symbolizes the entire universe. It’s symbolically told that there are positivity and negativity in the universe.  Blue color in the Taegeuk points to the negativity in the universe and red color represents the positivity.

National Liberation Day of Korea is celebrated with great honor and respect by the Koreans. They day is an official public holiday in Korea. There is special flag hoisting ceremonies initiated by the leaders to show their respect to those who fought for the nation on this day. There we can see national flags on every house on August 15th.  It is to show the respect for the nation Koreans keep the national flag. National flag has got great importance in Korea.

Korea Flag
Korea Flag
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Rose of Sharon is the national flower of Korea. It’s a beautiful flower which added the geographical beauty of country. Rose of Sharon is also included in National Liberation Day of Korea 2003 Google Doodle to make it colorful and beautiful.

Korea is a gifted country with many mountains, valleys and water bodies. Natural beauty of the country is outstanding. There are many special specious of plants and flowers in Korea. The temperate climate in Korea makes it suitable for calm and quite living.

Koreans celebrate a wide range of festivals. Most of the Korean festivals are associated with agricultural rituals. Seolal, Yongdonj, coming of age festival, chuseok, Daeborium, chopail some among the mostly celebrated festivals of Korea. There are special traditions followed for the celebrations by Koreans on these festivals. Cockfighting, Jesa, archery and fortune telling are common seen for festivals in Korea. National Day is celebrated with a great importance beyond all other festivals described above. National Liberation Day of Korea in 2003 was also observed as usual with great functions all around Korea.

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