National Liberation Day of Korea 2002 doodle

National Liberation Day of Korea is celebrated by the Koreans to commemorate the day in which Korea got freedom from colonial rule. The liberty is as a result of victory over Japan Day. After the 3 years in 1949 October 1 South Korean government declared August 5 as public holiday as a part of National Liberation Day of Korea.

National Liberation Day of Korea 2002 doodle
National Liberation Day of Korea 2002 (August 15, 2002)

Google also joins the celebration of National Liberation Day of Korea by releasing a special doodle on 15th August 2002. It is 65th anniversary of Korea’s independence struggle. When we look at the Google doodle design, primarily there is changes in the color in which the letters of Google logo are written. The colors are the same that is in the South Korea’s national flag. The colors are white, black, blue and red that appears on the national flag of South Korea.

All the letters in National Liberation Day of Korea 2002 doodle is written using white and black. The symbol similar to that in the middle of national flag of South Korea is also included in the doodle. So all in all doodle narrates the importance of day by inheriting South Korea’s flag design.

National Liberation Day of Korea is also known as Gwangbokjeol in its official name in South Korea. The official name in North Korea is Jogukhaebangui nal. For all nations their National Day is so special and to celebrate it is like a pride for people in that nation. There is also different events are organized in Korea as a part of National Liberation Day (Gwangbokjeol).

“Gwangbokjeol song” known as the official song is sung at the official ceremony. The lyrics of the song are written by Jeong Inbo and Yoon Yongha given the melody. The song is all about the independence struggle of Korea for 40 years and the grace of liberty after the independence. Another attraction of Gwangbokjeol is the traditional parade organized by the Government of Korea.

South Korean Flag
South Korean Flag
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The activities include the official ceremony in which the current president of Korea will attend the nation at the Independence Hall of Korea. Also there occurs a flag rising ceremony by the president of Korea.  The ceremony will also can be organized at the Sejong Center in order to performing the Artistic events.

National flag is considered as the pride symbol of any nation. In National Liberation Day of Korea all the streets and houses are decorated with flags. On this special day the people can use the public transport service and intercity trains for free. For the Independence Day activities all the public museums and places are opened for people for free.

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