National Artist of Thailand Google Doodle

This title National Artist of Thailand is one of the highest honor that is given to a Thai citizen annually on February 24th. Google in the year 2009 published a beautiful doodle on the homepage landed on Thailand to announce this event to all Thai citizen.

National Artist of Thailand Google Doodle
National Artist of Thailand Google Doodle (February 24, 2009)

Jatuporn Ratanwaraha was the person who became the dignitary to receive this honor in the year 2009. He was well known in dramatic arts. In the National Artist of Thailand Google Doodle  we can see the Google logo wrote with Golden color. The way logo is presented shades the award given for the person to receive the title.

National Artist of Thailand award is a symbol of one’s recognition. Office of national culture commission is the responsible authority for the presentation of this title every year. It was in the year 1985, February 24th the presentation of this award was fixed on this date.

People who are talented in visual arts, performance arts, literature, fine arts and applied arts are selected every year for this title. February 24th is the birthday of Buddha Loetla Nabhalai. He was a great artist of his time. So it’s due to his birth on that day February 24th is choose for presentation of this award.

National Artist Award
National Artist Award

It was during the period 1809 to 1824 he became the king. King Rama II is the other name by which he is known to the world. His time was golden time for artist and literature. Peace and happiness were reflected in the regions he ruled during his time.

It was his period known as “Golden Age of Rattanakoshin Literature” in history.  Buddha Loetla Nabhalai was a great lover of art and literature. His time was one of the golden time for art and art forms.

Owner of the honor National Artist of Thailand are given many grants and prizes by the authority which is in charge.  12,000 baht is given monthly for the winner. Apart from this other health benefits and grants are given for the winner. One main thing that is got for the award winners is the grant of 1200000 baht for the memorial biography of the person.

Google by publishing the National Artist of Thailand Google Doodle on day of presentation of this award showed the importance of this award. Only the person who showcase the skill and talent will be honored by giving such a great award. Doodle also points to the importance and value of this title in it.

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