Miriam Makabe 81st Birthday Google Doodle

Miriam Makabe’s 81st Birthday was celebrated by Google with this beautiful doodle given below. She was born in the year 1932 and she lived her life for the civil right activities and music till the end. It’s a very relevant thought to honor this great personality on her Birthday with a doodle in homepage by Google.

Miriam Makabe 81st Birthday Google Doodle

Miriam Makabe 81st Birthday Google Doodle reflected her style and character through it. She always tied to have her unique dressing and hair style which reflects the traditional look of the people of Africa. Google doodle included the picture of Miriam Makabe in the place Google letter ‘g’ with a mike in her hand. Doodle reflects the dedication of this great singer through it in all sense. The logo color replacement and design included in the doodle was also something different and new.

Starting the music career in the year 1950 she covered almost all most all forms of music like pop, marabi, jazz, folk, rock and world music. It was in the year 1960 the first studio album of Makabe was released in United States. Harry Belafonte was the man who guided her to establish all fame in United States.

She was such a talented and lucky singer that she even got the opportunity to sing in front of John F Kennedy on his birthday party celebrated at the Madison garden square. It was after three years the second album ‘The world of Miriam Makabe’ which was a huge success released in United States. This album position in the 86thplace in Billboard 200 which is the ranking for understanding the popularity of album by checking out its sale.

Miriam Makabe
Miriam Makabe
[Image Credit :okayafrica.com]
Continuing the music live outside Africa Miriam Makabe returned to her homeland in the year 1990 by the efforts took by Nelson Mandela. Eyes of Tomorrow was the album which was the first hit that she had after returning to the homeland which was sang by including combinations of forms of music.

The song Pata Pata recorded in the year 1957 was the break in her career. This song was released in United States in the year 1967. Miriam Makabe were given many honors and awards for her talent throughout her life time and also after her death. Her song was nominated even for Grammy Award in the best world music category in the year 2000. Grammy Award nomination was given for her album Homeland.

Apart from Grammy Award many other prizes and awards were also given to her. DGVN association of United Nation awarded her Otto Hahn peace medal in Gold in the year 2001, Polar music prize was also received by her in the life time. Miriam fought against the injustice like apartheid using the art of music. Throughout her life she stood stern with her own ideas and decisions. She was listed as the 38th in the best African popular singers.

From the year 2005 she started her travel to the entire places where she worked as a farewell trip and conducted many music concerts and shows. Miriam Makabe was died in the year 2009 after singing the famous song ‘Pata Pata’ in a music concert due to heart attack. She was a lady who gave almost her life for music.

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