Lunar X Prize Google Doodle

GLXP or Google Lunar X Prize is a space competition organized by X Prize Foundation in corporation with the sponsorship of Google. Lunar X Prize is also referred as Moon 2.0 as it is organized in award of a robot send to the surface of moon; traveled 500m over its surface and send images and other data back to the Earth.

Lunar X Prize Google Doodle
Lunar X Prize (October 4, 2004)

The space competition was organized worldwide with a primary reward of US$20 million for the winner (first prize). Reward for second prize was US$5 million and US$1 million as diversity award. If any private team that win the task by doing additional task beyond the required baseline, for winning Grand or second prize will be awarded additional prize money. The additional tasks includes robot travelling in the surface of moon greater than 500m such as 5000m or image capturing of other man-made objects or hardware in moon that remains as a part of  Apollo program.

The robot can detect the water content on the moon or it can survive a single lunar night on the surface of moon will be specially awarded. Additionally Diversity Award may be given to the teams promoting ethnic diversity in STEM fields. At last additional US$2 will be given to the team that will complete the mission from the state of Florida by Space Florida. The Lunar X Prize event will comes to an end when any team claims the above requirements or on 2015 according to which happens first.

Google Lunar X Prize Logo
Google Lunar X Prize Logo

There is an added task for the participating teams so that they have to complete the mission as early as possible. If any government-led mission succeeds in the landing on the moon before the completeness of the mission by any of the participating teams, the grand prize money will be reduced to US$15 million from US$20 million. So the participating teams will be in hurry to complete the emission as they will become the first to make the landing in the moon successful after 1976. The competition is on the peak as China is planning to launch Chang’e 3 lunar lander on the surface of moon in 2013.

Google released this space oriented Lunar X Prize Google Doodle  regarding to this global event known as Lunar X Prize. The main attraction of the doodle is 2 space crafts around the Earth. The doodle is completely suits for the scenario as it was a space competition sponsored by Google with X Prize Foundation as an organizer.

Registration for the mission was closed in December 31, 2010. Initially the deadline for completion of the mission was decided on December 31, 2012 with prize money of $20 million and with a deduction of $15 million in 2014. But the closing date was postponed to Dec 31, 2015 in 2010.

Initially 34 teams are interested in participating this huge mission and in middle 8 teams withdrawn their challenge from the competition. It is notified that some teams are merged with others in the participation. There are 25 registered teams for Lunar X Prize ( excluding the teams left and the ones who merged with others).

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