Lunar New Year 2005 China Google Doodle

Lunar New Year on 2005 was on February 8th. Chinese people celebrated the beginning of year in a grand way as usual. As this was a rooster year they celebrated it with double fun and enjoyment. Lunar New Year is the best and long Chinese celebration. Chinese New Year is the alternate name used for Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year 2005 China Google Doodle
Lunar New Year 2005 China(February 8, 2005)

Lunar New Year celebrations last for more than fifteen days.  There re varieties of customs and traditions followed by Chinese people for making the celebration outstanding every year. Google on 2005 also celebrated it by publishing the New Year doodle in its home page landed on Singapore, China, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Lunar New Year 2005 China Google Doodle included pictures of rooster in the second Google alphabet ‘o’.  This inclusion has a great significance in the year. 2005 is one of the rooster years. It is to show this concept Google included this picture in the doodle. We can see a bamboo in which red lantern is tied to it in the place of Google letter ‘l’.  Doodle designer had also included the Chinese alphabet inside the Google’s first ‘o’. All these makes doodle apt of the special day.

Rooster year is represented by an earthy branch character in China. Rooster year comes in 10thplace in every 12 years cycles of animals according to the Chinese calendar.  Chinese has got lots of beliefs related to the observance of the year. They believes that people born on the rooster year are brave, trust worthy, romantic, hardworking, Motivated, confident and proud individuals.

Chinese Dragon Dance
Chinese Dragon Dance
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There are many other festivals also associated with these New Year celebrations in China. Lantern Festival and Laba rice festival are the two important events related to the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Chinese people make their surroundings clean and tidy. Clean surroundings are symbol of good fortune in China.  Red is the color associated with the celebrations. It points to joy, fun and happiness. People commonly wear red dress on tis days for going out. There is a tradition of wishing elders in the house and receiving special gifts in red envelops in China on this day.

Special Lion Dance and Dragon dance are performed in the Chinese streets in this season. These are the main traditional dance form of China which has been seen in the country with all its antique values and attraction. Colorful costumes used for dance performance catch the attraction of people. Lunar New Year season is a special season which is bond with happiness and joy. Google doodle emphasized the importance and specialty of rooster year by including rooster picture in it.

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