Leonardo da Vinci’s 553rd Birthday Google Doodle

On April 14th in the year 2005 Google celebrated Leonardo da Vinci’s 553rd birthday with this doodle. Leonardo da Vinci was an extraordinarily talented person. In history we can see many people who have got talents in multiple fields but to see a person who has got talents in multiple talents like Leonardo da Vinci is rarest of the rare.

Leonardo da Vinci’s 553rd Birthday Google Doodle
Leonardo da Vinci’s 553rd Birthday(April 14, 2005)

Google honored Leonardo da Vinci who had shown his talents in the area of mathematics, science, engineering, anatomy, botany, art, paintings on his 553rd birthday with this special doodle which included some among many important milestones from his life. Google doodle was designed as if it’s drawn with red chalk sketch.

Each and every thing included in the Leonardo da Vinci’s 553rd Birthday Google Doodle had something to say about this great man. It included the famous painting of Mona Lisa in the place of Google logo alphabet ‘o’ which is the third letter of logo and also the figure of Vitruvian man in the first ‘o’ of logo. Both of this figures were recognized by the whole world as the best ever paintings seen.

It was believed that Leonardo da Vinci was born on 1452 on April 15th. From his childhood itself he showed interest in finding new inventions. He always showed his skills at its best in the areas he worked. It’s this curiosity and sincerity he showed in the works made him one among the greatest personalities world had ever seen. In the year 1466 to 1476 Leonardo da Vinci worked as an employee to Verrocchio. He showed his practical skills through his extraordinary works at that time and his master Verrocchio was also surprised by seeing his talents. One of his paintings made a great impact on his master so that he put down his painting brush.

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

Leonardo da Vinci created a map of Imola after entering in to the service of Cesare Borgia in the year 1502. It was at this time he exhibited his skills in engineering and architecture. Leonardo da Vinci was a man who had friendship with many famous artist of that time. They also made great influences in making his creations fantastic. There is nothing to replace the creativity of Leonardo da Vinci in the world. He is the best talent seen by the world ever since. His paintings are exhibited in the churches of Rome today also.

Leonardo da Vinci’s engineering and scientific skills are also world famous. The imagination power that he had made him combines his technical skills to the artistic work. His abilities and skills were valued at his life time itself. Understanding the fact that Leonardo is a treasure the king of France supported him and gave him a great position. King of France was there near him at the time of his death in the year 1519 on May 2nd.

Leonardo da Vinci was a man blessed by God with many diverse talents. He had given many contributions to the world throughout his life time. This doodle released on the 553rd birthday of him was a tribute to him by Google. It’s the extraordinary talent that he showed during his lifetime made him remembered today also.

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