2004 Labour Day Google Doodle

As a purpose of celebrating the achievement of workers Labour Day is celebrated across the world. It is celebrated in co-relation with workers Day in many countries. International Workers Day is celebrated on May 1 and some countries celebrate both Labur Day and International Workers Day in same date, i.e. on May 1.

2004 Labour Day Google Doodle
2004 Labour Day Google Doodle (April 29, 2004)

Some countries celebrate Labour Day as a memorial of Labour Union movement. In those countries Labour Day and Workers Day is celebrated separately apart from other countries. Countries like United States, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Labour Day in different dates.

It is mainly due to the Labour Union movement for preserving the rights of workers. The movement put forward the new criteria of eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. In Australia it is celebrated in first Monday of October. In Tanzania and Victoria it is in the second Monday in March. In Northern Territory it is on the first Monday in May.

The 2004 Labour Day Google Doodle   released by Google is a simple one. Google Doodle contains a drive’s cap on the 2nd ‘o’ of logo. Since from 1880’s Labour Day is celebrated in Canada on first Monday in September.

In Canada parades will be conducted as a part of Labour Day on behalf of different workers union. Within the country itself different traditions celebrate this occasion in different ways. In Jamaica, before 1864May 24 was celebrated as Labour Day on the birthday of Queen Victoria. But in 1963 Jamaican Chief Minister Norman Washington Manley changed the Empire Day to Labour Day as a commemoration of labour rebellion conducted by Alexander Bustamante on May 23, 1938.

A Labour Day parade in Toronto, Canada in 1900
A Labour Day parade in Toronto, Canada in 1900

This rebellion leads to the independence of Canada. In New Zealand it is celebrated as a National holiday on the fourth Monday in October. It is started to appreciate the union movement conducted for 8 hour work policy.

In Trinidad and Tobago it is celebrated each year on June 19. Later in 1973 Labour Day is declared as national holiday.In United States Labour Day is celebrated as a Federal holiday on the first Monday of September.

In the past age workers are pretty much stressed about their job. They are almost considered as slaves and hardly worked upon instructions from top. They are not aware of their rights. But as a result of movements conducted on different countries they get some relief and today they are aware of what the rights they have. So every nation celebrate to honor the struggles that taken by them.

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