Interactive Animated Doodle on 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump

Google Marks 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump with an Interactive Animated doodle on homepage landed on various country. It’s on 22 October 2013, Google Doodle published.


Animated Doodle on 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump
Animated Doodle on 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump(22 October, 2013)

Google Doodle to mark Parachute Jump of Andre-Jacques Garnerin on 22 October 1797 includes lot of colors in it. Doodle depicts parachutist in it flying in the air, control can given to direction of flow by users with keys. After crossing clouds, birds and moving through different location, he will successfully land at ground waving hands.

Clicking on the doodle for 216th Anniversary of the First Parachute Jump, you will be taken to the search page of ‘  Andre-Jacques Garnerin ‘, the first man to fly in the air in parachutes.

Andre-Jacques Garnerin was born on 31 January 1769 at Paris. After studies of physics, he started parachuting in 1797. Garnerin conducted many experiments during the time and made his successful flight. He was put in to controversies by his attempt to take woman for parachuting. It was in on 8 July 1798, this controversial flight took place in Paris with Citoyenne Henri.

Vented Parchute is the invention of Andre-Jacques Garnerin. This parachutes improved stability in fall, also Garnerin became the active member and became official Aeronaut of France. In an accident on 18 August 1823, Andre-Jacques Garnerin died.

Google Doodle by remembering the  216th Anniversary of his First Parachute Jump honored him globally.

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