India Independence Day 2005 Google Doodle

India’s Independence Day is on August 15th. It was in the year 1947 India got independence from the long lasting British rule. Independence Day has got a great significance in the history of country.

India Independence Day 2005 Google Doodle
India Independence Day 2005(August 15, 2005)

It was Mahatma Gandhi; the father of nation along with many other leaders took initiative to gain freedom. The principle followed by Gandhi for attaining freedom was nonviolence. India Independence Day 2005 Google Doodle in the home page of India on August 15th included the picture of Ashok Chakra which is symbol seen in the center of Indian national flag. Indians have got great respect for their nation, national anthem and national flag. They give great honor for these things. The inclusion of Ashok Chakra in the doodle shows how much special is the day for Indians.

In the Indian flag it’s the laws of Dharma which is represented by the Ashok Chakra. Blue is the color given to it. Apart from this other three colors are also used in the design of Indian national flag.  Saffron, white and green are the other colors used in the flag. Courage, purity and prosperity are the three concept represented by it. Google also released a special doodle in Korea on this day by including their national flag as this is their liberation day too.

National Flag
National Flag

Indian culture and traditions are models to the world in many aspects. The principles thought by Mahatma Gandhi are the base for all the in India. Independence Day celebrations of India start on the morning of August 15thafter the flag hoisting and Independence Day parade. Every year this day is celebrated as an official holiday with many variety programs and functions.

Throughout the country in cities, panchayath’s, communities, schools and colleges there will be flag hoisting ceremonies in the morning time of the day to honor those people who fought to make the independence of the country a realty.

India is one among the developing countries. It’s said India will reach at the top most level by the year 2020. There are many great leaders in India who had sacrificed their life for the sake of the country. Google doodle on this day was especially dedicated to honor those people. India had also shown in the recent year that they are not behind in any areas of life. Arts, sports, literature, science had technology everywhere we can see many Indian people who have showed their talents at high level.

Taj Maha, KuthabMinar, Red fort, India Gate, Kerala, garden city Bangalore, Gods on country Kerala are some of the important tourist places in India. India is the best country with good culture, customs, traditions, nature and natural resources.

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