How to set protected mode in Vine and selection of channels

We have just came through the new updation for Vine for iOS. This time Twitter brings a few numbers of features to Vine. As all of them are new we stuck with some doubt. Here how to set protected mode in Vine.

How to set protected mode in VineThe new updation for Vine brings features like new camera tools, channels, channels, on the rise, revining and protected post. You can get the updated Vine application from the app store. The Vine for android also gets updated with protected mode today. The remaining features will comes in next week.

How to add channels to Vine videos in iOS application

  • Open the Vine application.
  • Tap to record video; you can make a second video using this application.
  • Click on next arrow button.
  • Hit on add channels.
  • Select any channel that suit with your video category, Vine provides 15 different channels.
  • Your video will appeared within that particular channel. You can also browse your posts from channels.How to add channels to Vine videos

The addition of channels to your Vine videos makes your post more specific than before. It also becomes very helpful to find out any particular post from your account. Before this updation all your posts came under public mode. The new updation allows you to share the contents only with the peoples who are following you.

how to set protected mode in Vine

For iOS

  • Go to profile from the upper left corner of the application.
  • Select ‘your content’ from the profile.
  • Turn on ‘posts are protected’ option.Protected mode in Vine for iOS

For android

  • Tap on the menu button from the upper right corner.
  • Select settings.
  • Tap on ‘your content’.
  • Active ‘posts are protected’.

Once you make it your Vine videos comes under private mode. After that your posts will be visible to only the people follows you within the service. The new revining option allows you to share other’s posts with your followers. For this search for the right posts within the service and tap on revining under that particular post, the very next instant that post gets shared to your account. This is going to be one of the major updation to Vine service till now.