How to get back to older composing box in Gmail

Gmail is the best ever mailing service existing in the web. Google constantly update this service with new features. In previous year they introduced new composing box for Gmail. Yesterday they make it available for all Gmail users. So the question is How to get back to older composing box in Gmail.

How to switch back to older composing box in GmailWhen you open the Gmail for sending some data to your friend you will see new composing box. It is just like pop-up windows. Many of you had already used it. If you feel that older one is better than new then you can get back for temporarily.

While you are creating a new mail within Gmail new composing box will appears. To switch back in to older one, first of all click on the arrow button that found in bottom right corner.  Then select ‘Temporarily switch back to old compose’ option. But the older compose box can’t be used for long time; it is only available for temporarily.

How new composing box within Gmail become more useful?

  • The new composing box within Gmail appears like a pop up window. So that the composing of a new mail won’t interrupt back ground activities. You can read new mails, working on drafts and respond to friend with new composing box.
  • It supports multiple mail creation at a time. So that we can easily copy one mail to another. Multitasking becomes easier with new composing box within Gmail.
  • The cleaner interface provides all mailing options priority vice. You don’t have to search it for a long time. The send option is more clearly appeared at the bottom left of composing box. The uploading and formatting options will sit next to it.
  • The current interface also allows you to switch back to older composing box. So that you can create a mail according to your wish. Drafts can be also minimized to bottom and can work on new mail.
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  • which is better older compose Box or new one? why the gmail give us switch back to the older it seams the failure of new one?

    • Both have it’s own advantages. But the newer composing box help us to do many things in background like we can read a new mail while we are composing anew mail. Also all mailing options seems to be more clearer in new layout. Google officially makes the pop up style composing box as default one in previous Thursday. They provide the switching option to older composing box is just to avoid the confusion with usage of newer one. It s seems to be Google will leave that option very soon..