Halloween 2003 Google Doodle

Halloween Day is celebrated on 31st October every year. On that day in the year 2003 Google came up with a doodle. Google Doodle  included many special ingredients to attract people. Google doodle was released all over but the main celebrations take place at US and its other neighboring nations.

Halloween 2003 Google Doodle
Halloween 2003(October 31, 2003)

Halloween is known by different names in different places. All saints eve, Samhain, All hallow eve are the commonly used alternatively used worlds for Halloween Day. Halloween day is primarily celebrated in the 16th century. It’s related with the harvest festival. There is some relation with Halloween day and Christianity.  All saints Day and All souls day is celebrated on November 1st and November 2nd according to the Christian custom. It’s the Christians of western countries observe this day with great importance.

Halloween 2003 Google Doodle  on the Halloween day which was released globally was attractive and different from other doodles. It includes the pictures of Ghost, Jack O Lateran, fog, snow and an old black tree without leaf. Doodle itself had given by a scary look by the designer.

The entire doodle is very attractive and is the reflection of the concept of the day. The placement of all the ingredients in the doodle is imaginative and unique. The replacement of Google letter ‘o’ with the ghost image, Jack O Lantern instead of Google letter ‘e’ and  the wild tree placed in the place of Google letter ‘l’ is also relevant. The background fog and greenish scenery had given a scary look for the doodle. All together the entire doodle is colorful and dense with variety of ingredients.

Jack O Lantern
Jack O Lantern
[ Image Credit :carolates.com]
Haunted attractions are the other specialty of the day. On this day people goes out to streets and roads wearing special scary dress which includes the pictures of ghosts and devils. Special story competitions are arranged on this day on the topic ghosts and devils. There are many special dishes prepared in houses to make the feast delicious on this day.

Pumpkin Pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, barmbrack, Candy apples, fruit cake are the main items seen on the meals tables on this day. Jack O Lantern is another common thing seen on this day. It’s a pumpkin in which the inner part is carved out and lit lights. Different monster faces and evil faces are carved out from pumpkins.

There are many other customs in western countries for the celebration of the day. ‘Ticker or treat’ is the custom related to this. That is on this day children will go to the neighboring houses and ask to the house owner ‘Ticker or treat’. If the reply is treat children will enjoy and have the treat else if the reply is ticker children will do some mischief with the house owner. Halloween Day is completely dedicated for enjoyment and having fun. It’s the best day for merry making.

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