Guy Fawkes Day Google Doodle

Guy Fawkes Day is an annual commemoration day observed mainly in Britain. Guy Fawkes Day is also known as Guy Fawkes Night or Firework Night. The day is observed in 5th November after the historic event occurred in 1605.

Guy Fawkes Day Google Doodle
Guy Fawkes Day (November 5, 2002)

The central attraction of Guy Fawkes Day Google Doodle is the campfire which is placed at the center of doodle. The intention of this is so clear that the main part of Guy Fawkes Day celebration includes the social gatherings around the campfire. There is also some firework displays around the Google logo.The firework display is made more colorful.

In overall look the doodle is colorful and focused on the celebration aspect of the day. The doodle is apt so that modern day celebration is only concentrated on entertainment social gatherings and campfires without considering the origin of celebration.

The special day is associated with a person known as Guy Fawkes who was a member of Gunpowder Plot. While guarding the explosives he got arrested as plotters are placed these explosives beneath the House of Lords. King James I had escaped from this attack and as a celebration for this survival of his life, people gathered in London and lit bonfires. So after this practice it is declared as public holiday as a form of Thanksgiving for the failure of plot by announcement of 5th November Act.

The modern day celebration of Guy Fawkes Day is an entertainment oriented activity. But as the Gunpowder day has become dominant celebration in English states, it has given a strong associativity with religious concept. It was considered as main focus of anti-Catholic sentiment. During the celebration the effigies of most popular figures like popes are burned. This incredibly increased the raucous nature of celebration.

Social Gathering around Bonfire at Himley Hall near Dudley
Social Gathering around Bonfire at Himley Hall near Dudley
[ Image Credit : SJNikon – Sam Roberts ]
As a result of migration settlers import the festivals to other countries also. Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated as Pope Day in North America. Due to American resolution these festivals are died out but it is still celebrated by the some of the Commonwealth nations.

According to some writers Guy Fawkes Night is considered as a replacement of some old festivals like Samhain. The increased popularity of old festivals like Halloween is emerging as a threat to this traditional festival.

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