Google’s Android event gets cancelled

You have already came across iPad event and Windows 8 event and waiting for 29th October android event. Unfortunately Google’s Android event gets cancelled due to Hurricane sandy.
Google’s Android event gets cancelled

The android event which plans to be held on Monday mainly focused for the release of android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the unveiling of LG nexus 4 as the Google Inc partnered with the Korean Company.

Google gave the event postponing news to the media through an email. In which the company explained that the event is gets cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy the tropical cyclone that has affected the New York City for past two days. Google looking up for another location to host the event.

In 2011 the nexus event got cancelled due to the demise of former CEO Steve Jobs. Now it is for the second time Google forced to stop its launching event. They informed that the event will hold soon as soon as possible. We can hope for the best for next big release from the search giant.

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