Google’s 7th Birthday Google Doodle

As seen in the previous year’s Google’s 7th Birthday was also celebrated by it in a grant way. 7th birthday was celebrated by Google with all the sweetness and joy. On the home page of Google a beautiful birthday doodle was published on this day.

Google’s 7th Birthday Google Doodle
Google’s 7th Birthday(September 26, 2005)

Google shared happiness of the day by sharing sweets to the Google followers. Every year Google add something new to it on its birthday to celebrate it. As usual in the year 2005 also Google came up with the birthday special doodle.Google’s 7th Birthday Google Doodle in the home page released globally contained the picture of cake, confetti and some other decoration. To make world know it’s the seventh successful year they completed in the technical world they included the number 7 in the place of Google alphabet ‘l’.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the brain behind this technical giant.  On their 7 years journey they added many golden feathers to the crown. Now Google is the best and the biggest competitor for all other brands and products in the market. Google had put their step in all technical area. They started their journey of success from the year 1998. Google had its beginning as a project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Mount View, California is the headquarters of Google. It’s by the continuous hard work and dedication Google achieved all that they have today. Now the company became capable of accommodating more than thousands of employees. A new worker is known with the title Noogler. It’s the dream of thousands of youngsters today to get a job in Google. There is no power in the world to challenge Google till now. Google is the best company which had shown technical improvement can be geared up only by sincere dedication and aim. They came up with the techniques which are beyond the imagination of common man.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Larry Page and Sergey Brin
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Reports says that in the year 2005 itself Google had more than 200 million searches in a single day. This shows that great percentage of the world population including children, adults and industrialist uses Google and its application every day. The technical growth of the company is something that is beyond explanations. They had introduced a wide range of applications and products till now.

Communication tools, Operating system, statistical tools and maps by Google has got a wide acceptance and popularity among common man. Google plus makes common man interact with the Google and make them know about Google. Introduction of Android operating system by Google had created a new era in the technical world. Now more than 75% of market of OS is in the hands of Android. As it’s an open source OS the usage and popularity had reaches great height. Now we can’t even imagine about a world without smartphones, tablets and netbooks. Google has got a great part in making the world capable of withstanding this much technical growth.

We can expect many new products and applications from Google in the following years also. Google always tries to popup with the latest and new inventions of the world. The real fact is that the major part of this is introduced by Google itself. Without Google world is incomplete.

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