Google reduces Nexus 7 tablet prices

Nexus series is stands for to provide complete Google experience. To increase the marketing Google reduces Nexus 7 tablet prices, for versions of tablets.
Google reduces Nexus 7 tablet prices

Through Nexus 7 tablet Google made a big breakthrough in tablet market. The presence of dominant OS android is the main focus of Nexus 7. It provides complete android experience through fastest performance and customization. The integration of Google play and NFC through android beam also makes Nexus 7 more specific.

Now Google declared that the company dropping the price of Nexus 7 tablets. The 16 GB version now tagged with $199. Earlier it had a rate of $249. Also the 8GB dropped to the lowest tag of $100. The 32GB version of Nexus 7 not yet released. It plans to be release on 29th October. But the event gets cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. Google announced that the 32 GB version of Nexus 7 available from 249 which relatively very low as compared to the features of this ideal tab.

The cancelled android event which scheduled on 29th October mainly aimed for the release of 32GB version of Nexus 7 and next version of android OS android 4.2 key lime pie. Also the much rumored LG nexus 4 to be unveils in the same series. Now everyone is keep waiting for the big event from the search giant.

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