Google Maps gets back into iOS6

The Apple event that held on 12th September 2012 had faced the removal of official Google map application from latest iOS6 operating system. But unfortunately the home grown map application from Apple got flapped for several reasons. Now the Google Maps gets back into iOS6.Google Maps gets back into iOS6

Why the Google Maps got rejected from Apple store earlier? When iOS6 introduced with 200 different changes the first thing which Apple show off is that it’s own Map application. Apple always focused to gets the perfect one so that they have made sudden changes sometimes. Also the way of tech giant Apple is to use off home grown products. In this case there is no competitive issue plays between Google and Apple.

But Apple Maps became the one of the biggest mistakes ever made by the company. The Map application show off number of defects in many zones. The main defects that found in Apple’s Mapping service are

  1. The application mainly focused on American Nations rather than making the whole globe coverage.
  2. Many American countries are misplaced in the Map.
  3. The search for Manchester United got directed to Sales United.
  4. Satellite Imagery of many European countries obstructed by cloud.
  5. Satellite photos of many regions are out of date.
  6. Worst public transportation listing.
  7. Many popular cities are not listed in the Maps.
  8. Many searches end with geographical errors.

These all defects force Apple to rethinking of its mapping service and the CEO Tim Cook apologies to iOS6 users for the flap mapping service through an open letter. Even though Apple replaces the Google Maps for including its own mapping services it is became biggest mistake because it is the most advanced mapping service till exits.

Google Maps have shown its dominance in all possible fields of mapping service. The turn by turn directions street view satellite view route planner for pedestrians and vehicles all these sections are made at its best by Google Maps. It is the only mapping service that with more than one million public transport schedules across 500 major cities.

Every mode of transportations are keenly updated in Google maps with accurate schedules. The G-map team added this feature by years of research in different cities across the world. With the help of Catlin Sea view survey team Google had added panoramic images of oceans. It is one of the keen features of Google Maps as it allows to exploring the deep ocean which we always dreamt off. The high resolutions satellite and 45 degree areal imagery of Google Maps remains untouched by any other services. It is also added bike navigations as it is a popular trend in youth.

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  • You are rt man.But i think Google map is not yet available on store.if you have any link or something can your provide it to me.
    also nice article!

    • jithin MS

      ya..Google Maps is not yet available for iOS6… it is on final touch… it will set in the Apple Store before the end of the year ans thanks for your compliment…