Google maps extend the service with exploring the ocean

Google Maps is focused for exploring the world, so how it can’t be get limit to land only. Now Google maps extend the service with exploring the ocean, first ever under water panoramas from Google.
Google maps extend the service with exploring the ocean

You can’t be a scuba diver to feel the beauty of Deep Ocean. But now we can feel it with stunning panoramic ocean images provided by Google maps. The image collection includes all popular underwater spot where everyone can’t reach easily. The exploration of ocean is making possible by Google as it had partnered with Catlin sea view survey team. They have a great vision for to reveal the ocean mysteries and make provides the unseen panoramic images of Deep Ocean using advanced technology.

The exploration of great barrier reef itself is the main attraction of under water panorama of Google Maps, one of the gear natural wonders of planet Earth. You can also experience special species of under water life system and coral structures.

The collection of under water panorama by Google Maps includes, Great barrier reef, Galapagos island, hourglass reef, Mary celeste wreck, south west breaker, devils crown, wilson island, heron island, apo island and lady elliot island.

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