Google introduce maps engine lite for customers

Google Maps is the most effective web mapping service existing today. It provides route maps, street views, public transportation system and panoramic images of isolated places at its best. Google also provides different tools to add more details by the users. Today Google introduce maps engine lite for customers.

maps engine liteMaps engine lite is a free custom map editor from internet search giant Google. Using this new beta editor users can easily added details to Google Maps. The edition available in Google Maps since 2007 but the new tool makes the task easier than before.

Google map engine lite allow the users to import location data as different spreadsheet documents. Users can edit and submit different location points to Google. They will point out these datas after verification.

Users can also get different drawing tools to makes the maps more informative. Google Maps engine lite also provide different styling tool to make the maps more visual impressive.

How to add locations in Google Maps:

  • Sign in to with your Google account.
  • In the opening windows tap on my places in the top left corner.
  • Click on create Maps.
  • There you can make your customizable map using different tools provided by Google.
  • After the editing you have to submit the description.
  • The description must contain rich text with HTML.
  • You can add videos and images to Map.

Google maps engine lite makes the editing much easier. Now the service available in English version only. Depending upon the response from users Google expand the service to other languages. You can simply launch this service through using your Google account.

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  • If Google maps allows the users to import the location data? also the users can change the locations by maps?

    • By introducing new map editing service Google aims to make it’s web mapping service more informative. Even though it allows the users to edit the locations the final submission made by Google itself

  • Hiromi

    I created a map with Google Maps Engine Lite which i can not see marker on my i phone 5. On my PC, I can see marker very clear…..Is there anyone who know the problem how to i can fix?????